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Frequently asked questions

How much are the fees?

Fees are £50 - £60 per one hour session. 

£35 for students. 

Fees can be paid in cash, by PayPal or bank transfer on the day of the session.

How often are the sessions?

Sessions are normally weekly but can be arranged more or less frequently as required. 

There are no maximum or minimum number of sessions.  

You can book one session at a time or book a number of weeks in advance, whichever suits you best.  

I cannot always guarantee that the same time and day will be available each week unless it has been booked in advance.

How do I book a session?

Call or text 07932 128312 or email with your name and contact details and the dates/days/times that would be suitable.  I'll get back asap.

Can I have sessions over the telephone or online?

Yes, if you would prefer to work in this way, telephone and online sessions are no problem at all. 

For online sessions I normally use Skype.

Where are you based?

I am based in the Coleraine area in Portstewart on the Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland.   Sessions can be at mine or yours.

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